Tucows Registration Agreement

Vi. The holder of the registered name/declaring person recognizes the eligibility requirement of the . The Commission`s agreement on the rights of the year 2000 and the Commission`s agreement on energy policy The holder of the registered name/declarant is assured as a registrant contact and guaranteed: that he participated in the declaration of authorisation of the Charter (the “CED contact”) and that the CED contact has given his consent, that contact with the registrant and the CED contact are defined jointly as holders of the registered name and that in the event of a dispute or challenge to the right of the registered name holder/declarer, he is responsible for the registered name or ownership of the registered name. The CED contact is bound by the provisions of DotAsia Organisation Limited`s .ASIA charter requirement policy, which is published from time to time. The holder of the registered name/declarant, who is the enclarant Enk. it agrees to have obtained a CED contact agreement so that the registrant contact remains the operating contact for all operations in the domain, including, but not limited to transfers and domain updates. EXPIRATION, PROROGATION AND FORFEITURE. The registered domain name expires on the expiry date indicated within the registration period and communicated to the registrant. The registrant receives immediately before the expiry of reminders that invite the registrant to renew the domain name. If the registrant does not renew the domain name on time, the registration expires and Tucows may, at its sole discretion, support the registration and hold it on its own account, delete it or sell it to third parties. During the period following the expiry of a domain name, the domain name is no longer dissolved, Whois registration data may be revised to include those of Tucows or its reseller, and visitors to Registrant`s website may be redirected to a standard website.

This default website can post Tucows ads on its own account. Registrant recognizes and accepts that the registrant`s right and interest in a domain name ceases with its expiry. The registrant is solely responsible for informing the expiry date in a timely manner and renewing its registration. If Tucows decides, at its sole discretion, to extend the registration, the registrant is entitled to an additional forty (40) days during which the registrant may re-register the domain name. Additional withdrawal and re-enrollment fees are expected. Vii. The holder of the name or registrant undertakes a commitment to protect the Operator DotAsia Organisation Limited Registry and its directors, senior executives, employees and representatives of all rights, damages, undertakings, expenses and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and expenses arising from or related to the registration and use of the domain name holder, to the extent permitted by law and to maintain it unscathed. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this agreement, the holder of the registered name accepts that this obligation of compensation be extended by the termination or expiry of this registration contract.

i) .biz restrictions. Registrations in the first-level .biz domain must be used or primarily used for commercial or commercial purposes in good faith. For the purposes of the .biz registration restrictions, “bona fide business or commercial use” refers to the use of good faith or the intention in good faith to use the domain name or content, software, hardware, graphics or other information to allow Internet users to access one or more host computers via the DNS: iii. Registration policies. You agree to be bound by the registration conditions and registration rules. Translations of the english recording documents are provided for simplicity; In the case of a gap between the English and German language agreements, the terms of the German agreement apply.