Tipster Agreement

Ultimate Tips is the main approach to advice. It offers a wide range of advice on a daily/weekly basis, published/published by the KJTipsters team and users/subscribers (tapers), with Tipster accounts. It is forbidden to copy, transmit, reproduce, reproduce, reproduce, publish or redistribute the content of the website, or part of the content of the site without the prior written permission of Tipsters Review. If you want to request the approved and correct use of content, share or features of the site, you should ask a written question to for any questions, comment, ideas or suggestions that have not been addressed under our terms and conditions, please contact This agreement (and all other conditions referred to here) constitutes the whole agreement between you and Tipsters Review regarding this website and replaces all prior or simultaneous notifications and suggestions, whether electronic, oral or written, between the customer and Tipsters Review on this website. Tipsters Review does not knowingly authorize the use of this website for people under the age of 18. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to deny access to this website and the services we offer at any time and for any reason, including, but without limitation, in the event of a violation of this Agreement. Some informants use statistical estimates of the outcome of a game and compare this estimate with the bookmaker`s odds. If there is a discrepancy between estimate rates and bookmaker rates, the informant must identify the “value” and a person who bets on such quotas if he does not perceive certainty, but a “gap in the book” is called a “value bet.” If the value is found, the informant recommends that the bettor place a bet. To conclude this agreement, you must be of legal age in your state of residence and have the legal right to be bound by this agreement.

They must also be able and competent to seize and accept the conditions and obligations set out in this agreement. If we accept this agreement, we can assume that you are able to be connected to it. You cannot use this site if you are no longer in the legal form. All informants on the platform are responsible for their own advice (for the predictions and opinions they post on the site) and must therefore ensure that the ratings shown are correct at the time of publication. If rating inaccuracies or other errors on the platform are detected, details should be listed on the platform and sent to Both types of selections would be counted in the calculation of tippers that execute the number of winnings or losses that indicates how much a win or loss a person would be if he had supported each point with a level bet (£1).